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Our Core Values

This is our promise to you – if you contact us for advice, we will untangle employment law, make it simple for you and keep it simple. We are approachable and provide straight talking, well-informed and knowledgeable advice. We enable our clients to understand their situations, know their options and what is possible so that they can decide advisedly what they want to do. We will enable and assist you in achieving your goals.

Kate Middleton - Middleton Law Ltd

Meet our Kate Middleton

Kate specialises only in employment law having qualified as a Solicitor in October 2008. She has a good business sense and a no-nonsense approach to advising clients.

Kate is a Member of the Employment Lawyers Association and is dedicated in her approach to employment law; always looking for ways to assist clients to understand their rights and obligations in an area that is often complex.

Kate can offer you advice on redundancy, restrictive covenants, contracts and policies, TUPE issues, unfair dismissals, Settlement Agreements, racial or sexual harassment, disability, sex or age discrimination, victimisation, bullying at work, family friendly employment rights, and other employment claims such as breach of contract.